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HAYA 2022

HAYA 2022 concluded its summer season with three incredible concerts: the world-famous rapper 50 Cent, beloved French singer ZAZ, and the majestic Led Zeppelin Symphonic project.

HAYA, is a new platform, an unprecedented scale, and a powerful mission. With a dedicated team, wonderful supporters, and tens of thousands of audience whose enthusiasm was motivating, HAYA made it real in Armenia, the first-ever large-scale festival.

Armenia is becoming a great crosspoint for festivals between East and West. Right here hundreds of thousands of people will enjoy live intercourse with mega-stars of our time, and get enriched by life-changing impressions.

HAYA’s slogan is “The Ark of Unity”. It is a place where peace and human warmth prevail, where there is no hate or disrespect. The HAYA platform was created for all of us, for each of you who shares the same vision and values.


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