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European Festival’s Association and the Arts Festival Summit in Yerevan

The capital city Yerevan, a community boasting a bustling cultural life, in 2022 became the host of the general assembly of the European Festival’s Association and the Arts Festival Summit from September 12 to September 15 - an initiative that has brought together the representatives of over 120 festivals from 45 different countries.

European Festivals Association has for many years united the leading festivals of many countries, facilitating the preservation and promotion of long-lasting traditions in the domain of music, as well as the cooperation between the cultures of the world.

Hosted by the Yerevan Perspectives International Music Festival, the Summit marked the first joint step in the Association’s next decade between festival makers and festival stakeholders for an inspiring 4-day conversation. 120 festival leaders and stakeholders from 45 countries met to share thoughts, concerns, needs, and artistic proposals during the Arts Festival Summit.

The programme of the Arts Festivals Summit offered various cultural and artistic activities in the city of Yerevan: meetings with the cultural actors, tours in museums, and various concerts, including Sergey Khachatryan and the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra opening the summit on 12 September.


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