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"Arts, Philanthropy & Business" Forum in Yerevan

HAYA Festival and Sona Hovhannisyan had the privilege to host the "Arts, Philanthropy & Business" Forum organized with the participation of distinguished speakers and guests.

The forum addressed crucial topics such as interdisciplinarity in culture and the importance of the collaboration between arts, philanthropy, and business. Through motivating and inspiring success stories, the speakers showed the different drives that can bring these three activities together and raise a call for continued cooperation to bring positive change. The forum also shed light on modern challenges such as women’s role and rights in arts and culture, social involvement, and social change through the arts.

The forum was honored to have Machiko Gozen and Marie de Tilly as the keynote speakers.

Machiko Gozen is a 13th-generation samurai woman from Japan, an influencer, an empowering woman, and a warrior, who finds kindness and inspiration.

Marie de Tilly is a French Countess, a world-renowned influencer, born into one of the oldest families in France. Countess Marie guides people to improve their abilities in listening and to master their control of relationships with others.


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